SHOW OFF IS ON — Fashion is OFF — Long live Fashion! — 


Once again, the fashion show of new talents from the Brussels fashion school could not go ahead due to the coronavirus outbreak. It is traditionally the most eagerly awaited show in Brussels, but the students' burst of creativity did not stay in lockdown. In small groups, La Cambre Mode[s] students, future fashion designers, carried on with their work under the supervision of an extremely motivated team of teachers.

To make up for the show, and to make the students’ new skills accessible all year, the Brussels school of excellence is launching its SHOWOFF 21 this 18th June. This page will show the clothes and products that were imagined by these young creators in details. Motion pictures of emerging fashion, and photos by S+G@sander_gretar, and showcased at 254Forest Studio and at ElevenSteens Gallery. Fashion is OFF, long live Fashion.


BACHELOR 1 — 7 June Marie Artamonoff Creative Director | Espèces | Brussels Marie Adam-Leenaerdt Junior Fashion Designer | Balenciaga | Brussels Giampierro Pitisci Industrial Designer/Professor, La Cambre | Brussels Joachim Ölender Film Director/artist, La Cambre | Brussels Bénédicte Henderick Artist/Professor, La Cambre | Brussels BACHELOR 2 — 9 June Alexandra Sebbag Costume Designer | Brussels

Abel Jallais Céramist | Sculptor | Professor, La Cambre | Brussels

Florent Tosi Fashion designer | Dries van Noten | Antwerp

Ani Bedrossian Textile Designer | Professor, La Cambre | Brussels

BACHELOR 3 — 4 June

Louis Gabriel Nouchi Creative Director | Louis Gabriel Nouchi | Paris Lucas Sponchiado Fashion Designer | Kitsune | Paris Mansour Badjoko Creative Director | Mansour Martin | Brussels Martin Venet Fashion Designer | Martin Venet | Brussels, Paris Nicola Brajato Fashion and Gender Studies Phd | Antwerp Denis Laurent Director for Culture and Brussels Museums | Brussels Peggy Acke Business Advisor | MAD Brussels Philippe Pourhashemi Fashion Editor-at-large | Behind the Blinds | Fucking Young | The Impression | Brussels Virginie Devillers Art Historian | Professor, La Cambre | Brussels

MASTER 1 & MASTER 2 — 18 juin Casey Cadwallader Creative Director | Mugler | Paris Cédric Charlier Creative Director | Cédric Charlier | Paris Céline Petit Head of Design Womenswear | MSGM | Milano Laurent Edmond Head of Womenswear Pre Collection | Kenzo | Paris Mariam Mazmishvili Tailoring Womenswear Designer | Louis Vuitton | Paris

Nadja Kraemer Womenswear Designer | Louis Vuitton | Paris Julian Klausner Senior Designer | Dries Van Noten | Antwerp Caroline Rousseau Author | Journalist | M le Monde | Paris Aya Noel Fashion Editor | 1Ganary | Brussels, London Andréa Cammarosano Fashion Designer | Artist | Milano Lucien Pages Press Officer | Lucien Pages | Paris Laura Vernier Headhunter, | Jouve et Associés | Paris Benoit Hennaut Director, La Cambre | Brussels



Photos/Videos: S+G @sander_gretar for 254Forest Location: Studio 254Forest/ Gallerie ElevenSteens Habillage sonore: ©Florence Bujard

Art Direction: Pierre Daras | Tony Delcampe

Models 1 Elise & Malika Eugène@IMMBruxelles

Models 2 Marie & Marie, Medhi

Models 3 Adoniye@HakimModelManagement Jarne Borremans @IMMBruxelles Marie, Noé, Rémi & Adam

Models 4 Tessa@HakimModelManagement

Models 5 Josepha K@UnitModelManagement Lune Alice@UnitModelManagement Mats VVM@UnitModelManagement Jolien@UnitModelManagement Nandi@HakimModelManagement Marthe @IMMBruxelles Perle Jérome

Backstage photos: ©Emmanuel Laurent

THANKS TO ENSAV La Cambre | Ville de Bruxelles - Echevinat de la Culture | Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Service des Arts Plastiques | | Invest-Export.Brussels | ALBA - Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts | 254Forest | Dindins_club I ElevenSteens Gallery I Freudenberg | CHT Bezema I SOFAM | Agence IMM | HakimModels Agency | UnitModelManagement I Troisbarrespoint | Idle Hands | All Fashion Friends & Lovers | Students & Teachers

Andrea Chaanine Thanks to the support crew: Joanna Atalla, Elie Chaanine, Sherif Hayek, Nino Chaanine, Sandro Chaanine, Pia Atalla, Johanne Issa, Yves Atalla, Tamara Deek, Tarek Abou Sleiman, Michele Abboud, Jordan Abi Nader, Carl Haddad.

Adam Halleux Thanks to : Christophe Genard (Jewellery), Justine Van Impe (Knitwear). Chantal, Marie-Laure, Étienne, Kathleen, Hortense, Quentin, Abdel, Maxime, Marguerite, Kelly, Carla, Jérôme

Tatiana Megard Remerciements : Mathias Riera, Martin Schepkens, Manuel Leromain, Sophie Hawotte

Fernando Miró Special thanks to Alizée Loubet, Robson Ledesma, Cécile Corso, Aude Copet, Marieta Miró and Tárcio Rodrigues

Loubna Ouaqqa Thank you to: Marion Lepresle, Abderrahmane Ouaqqa, Julien Ouaqqa, Mathieu Goosse, Louise His, Damèse Savidan, Claire Delahousse, Astrid, Romain Bichot, Winta Ghebre, Carole Lambert, Jenny Rosseti, Mathias Robert, Chloé Momi, Theo Lebyedh, Alexia Chaudoir, Zoé Derks, Clotilde Billiette, Henri Doyen, Bridget Low, Camille Ferrière, Loli, Hannah, Lili Schreiber, Edouard de Weissenbruch, Zoé Vaudou, Zoé Martin, Mylène Farmer, Valerie, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. Et tous ceux qui ont croisé ma route cette année et qui ont nourri mon univers visuel et musical

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